Google VS Cuil

Cuil is the new hype everyone is talking about. Well, almost everyone.

What is Cuil? former Google’s engineers launched their own search engine to fight Google’s monopolized market.They are supposed to be the next biggest Google’s competitor. It supposedly has an index 3 times the size of Google’s index. Cuil definitely did a good job getting the word out there but their marketing campaign seems to be far more prepared and efficient than their actual service as a search engine.

Most of the curious users trying out Cuil for the first time got a bad first impression:

I tried it myself and searched “Virtually Canadian”

No results….

I tried again this time searching on: “Virtually canadian” (small C)

This time, we showed up on the first page (2,468 results) with a strange description text and a picture of a girl in a car beside to the text. Who is that girl? Who knows….Also, the 2nd and 3rd pages did not show any results but the 4th and 5th did.

I wondered also why they say they are the biggest search engines with 3 times more pages indexed than Google but Google shows 6,55 millions pages for the same search as opposed to 2,468 results for Cuil. I can hear people saying: “Perhaps the results are more accurate and narrowed down to fewer pages?” They don’t seem that accurate to me. Other will say: “Who cares because most of the people don’t go past the 3rd page anyway?” True. However, I would like to know that my page is there, even if it doesn’t show up on the first page, which means it has been indexed and I can work on it to improve my rankings.

The last thing I want to talk about is their name. Cuil. How do you pronounce that? You are supposed to pronounce it “cool” but lots of people pronounce it “kwel” I guess it is a good way to get people to talk about it: even if they don’t know anything about it, they still have an opinion about how to say a word. The problem associated with their name is that people don’t seem to remember it and often misspell it. The number of visitor of an italian porn website ( exploded lately.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not here to “kill” cuil (hard to say isn’t it?). It is good to get some competiton out there. The cast of Cuil is definitely impressive: Anna Patterson (She sold her last search engine technology to Google in 2004 to update their own system), Tom Costello (Worked for IBM and developed the WebFountain), Russel Power Leader on the TeraGoogle team), Louis Monier (Former Chief Executive officer at AltaVista), Vince Sollitto (spokesman for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger) to name a few.

Cuil definitely shows potential. Let’s wait and see…

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