This is the first of a long series of posts in order to simplify your life in front of your computer. I don’t know if you are but I’m not a big fan of using the mouse (especially with a laptop) and the more I can do from the keyboard, the better.

I remember the times when the tabs in the Internet browsers didn’t exist. How difficult it was when you had 5, 6 or more Internet pages opened at the same time, wasn’t it?
For those of you who don’t know what browser tabs are, they allow you to see several web pages in the same Internet browser window.
This way, you have access to multiple web pages on the same window. You can create a new tab by clicking the ” + ” button (in Firefox and Chrome) or the “New document sign” on the right of your last opened tab.

If you don’t see what I mean or where to click, I can teach you how to create a new tab from your keyboard. You have 2 options assuming that you already have a browser opened (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome among others):
– Hold the ” Ctrl ” button and press ” T “. A new tab will automatically be created.
– Press successively ” Alt “, then ” F ” and finally ” T “. Result is the same.

What do you like better?
1. Ctrl+T ?
2. Alt – F – T ?
3. Still prefer to click ?

Try it and leave a comment to let us know!

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