Hi Fellow Keyboard shortcuts lovers!

A new week has started with new keyboard shortcuts to learn or to review. As it’s Monday, you’re probably not ready for complicated stuff! J

So let’s start nice and easy with a couple of keyboard shortcuts you probably know about…and if you don’t, those are definitely shortcuts that you SHOULD be using every day!

Last week, we focused on How to use keyboard shortcuts in your Internet browser, specifically the tabs creations, navigating through the tabs and closing a tab. (BTW, I forgot one way to close a tab: it’s “ Alt ”, then “ F ”, then “ C ”…but you’re probably not going to use this one J)

This week, I’d like to focus on general use, common to pretty much any software, browser, games and other applications.

Did you know that you could navigate through your opened windows from your keyboard? YES, it’s possible…and easy!

Take a look the picture: You can see that I have 5 opened windows.

– Hold the “ Alt ” button and press the “ Tab ” button several times. You will see the blue square moving from the left to the right. Release the “ Alt ” button when you reach the selected window.

– Hold the “ Shift ” button and press “ Tab ” if you went to far. You will move the square backward.

If you are running Windows Vista AIRO (sorry?) or Windows 7 (lucky you!): try to hold the “ Windows ” key (and “ Shift ” to go backward) and press tab. The result is the same then Alt+Tab but in 3D!!

On Windows XP, Windows+Tab will have you navigate through your opened windows, but in the navigation bar, without preview. Then press enter to display the page.

So, what do you like the most:

  1. Alt + Tab
  2. Windows + Tab
  3. I’m still mouse clicking…

Try it and leave a comment to let us know! And if you like it, share it with your friends!

Do you have any shortcuts to share? I’ll be happy to write about it!

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